Whether it is in Kitchen or Bathroom, Floor or Ceiling? We do it all! It is so profound and luxurious that sometimes you don’t know whether to stroke it, chop on it or tap dance on it. We love using different types of concrete in our products. Over the years, we have used concrete in many interiors and it gives a fabulous contemporary feel, is gorgeously tactile and just gets better with age.


Polished concrete walls



Concrete finish walls are what we do, it can be applied to your bathrooms and any other part of your home. Our special micro-cement has a special composition which is waterproof and mould resistant, making it a great combination for bathrooms or any other room in your home. Our micro-cement material is very hard, so you don’t have to be worried that it will start cracking or anything else. We apply this material in 3 coats. In order to make it look beautiful with a hard finish, the top of its layers is sanded and oiled with special oil. This makes it makes it look nice and smooth, and even better protected against water and moulds.


Concrete bathroom London bridge

 Concrete Floors

 The best part of our special micro-cement material is its hardness. You can use it on floors the same way as on the walls. We can apply them on your bathroom floors, kitchen or throughout the whole flat or your entire house. This finish is very hard and very easy to clean. Making it a favourite product for homeowners who want to increase their home selling value. It comes with a lifetime guarantee of 5+ years. This has made it a great alternative for tiles. You can choose any colour or finish you desire from our sample pallet.


Concrete flooring Chelsea London 

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